20200914,我院副教授魏涛在美国化学会《ACS Applied Energy Materials》上发表关于固态锂离子电池的研究成果
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正文:近期,由我院副教授魏涛为第一作者,研究生张早红等在超薄复合固态电解质的制备等研究上取得进展,以题为“An ultra-thin solid composite electrolyte based on Li6.4La3Zr1.4Ta0.6O12/PVDF-HFP/LiTFSI/succinonitrile for high-performance solid-state lithium metal battery”的相关成果在《ACS Applied Energy Materials》上发表。



Solid composite electrolytes (SCEs) are regarded as an effective solutions to ensure safety problems and enhance the energy density of lithium-based batteries. This work report an ultra-thin SCEs membrane (~15 μm) based on Li6.4La3Zr1.4Ta0.6O12/PVDF-HFP/LiTFSI/succinonitrile, it not only possesses a good ionic conductivity (6.53×10-4 S cm-1 with a little amount of liquid electrolyte) at 30 ℃ and a satisfactory lithium ion transfer number of (0.55 without electrolyte), and also occupies excellent thermal and mechanical properties. The symmetric cell with SCEs SN-10% can be continuously cycled without short circuit at 0.2 mA cm-2 for about 340 h . Moreover, a high reversible discharge capacity of 150.2 mAh g-1 at 0.5 C was maintained by the cell (LiFePO4/SCEs SN-10%/Li) after 269 cycles at room temperature. Notably, a capacity of about 100 mAh g?1 at 5 C was also obtained. This work might guide the improvement of future solid-state lithium/sodium metal batteries and lithium sulfur batteries, even for wearable flexible battery..


注:ACS Applied Energy MaterialsACS旗下推出的第一个聚焦于能源材料应用的期刊。