20200925,我院副教授冯国增,研究生郭月姣等的研究成果“Experimental and numerical study of the flow characteristics of a novel olive-shaped flowmeter (OSF)”在《Flow Measurement and Instrumentation》上发表。
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A novel differential pressure flowmeter with an olive-shaped flowmeter (OSF) is proposed and investigated both experimentally and numerically. The streamline, pressure and velocity are obtained and numerically analysed. The results indicate that the proposed OSF exhibits less permanent pressure loss than the orifice plate flowmeter

(OPF). The pressure also tends to be more stable in the OSF, which ensures high measurement accuracy and repeatability. The OSF is superior to the OPF in terms of relative pressure loss, streamline distribution, pressure distribution and velocity distribution. In the experiment, an oil pump transported diesel oil into the measurement

pipe, through the check valve, filter, pressure-regulating container, and flow-regulating valve, before it was finally returned to the fuel tank. The experimental results showed that the pressure loss of the OSF was only about 14.94% of that of the OPF under the same conditions. The pressure loss curve of the OPF increased rapidly by up to 2,700 Pa with each 1 m3/h increase in the flow rate, whereas that of the OSF increased only slightly.