20200616,我院副教授冯国增,研究生雷淑雅等的研究成果“Optimisation of air-distributor channel structural parameters based on Taguchi orthogonal design”在《Case Studies in Thermal Engineering》上发表。
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Air distributors are a typical kind of ventilation terminal that are widely used in air-conditioning systems. However, the high flow resistance of traditional air distributors leads to huge energy losses and poor indoor thermal comfort. Therefore, this paper uses experimental and numerical methods to examine the influence of key structural parameters on the resistance coefficient of air distributors. First, a resistance-coefficient test is carried out, and based on the test results a computational fluid dynamics model is developed. Second, a Taguchi design table is created and numerical simulation data are collected. Finally, the prediction results of Mean Response and Assisted Regression are compared. The resistance coefficient of prediction combination of Assisted Regression model is lower, so the optimal scheme is as follows: d ? 90 mm, D ? 155.5

mm, and h ? 96.5 mm. The predicted resistance coefficient is 1.503, and the difference between the predicted and simulation results accords with the 95% confidence interval. These findings show that numerical simulation and the analysis method based on the orthogonal design presented in this paper enable the optimal design of an air distributor.